4 Ideas for Small Business Team Building


It happens at some point in every workplace. Sometimes, the individual components of a team you hired are doing wonderful work, but together, they just don’t work at all. Even if your team functions harmoniously most of the time, tensions and disputes are bound to arise. Rather than waiting for conflicts to come to a head, a better way to manage your team is to start building a cohesive unit from day one. Here are 4 team-building ideas that will help your employees form stronger relationships and work through issues more productively together:

1. Host a Themed Event

An offsite event organized to specifically address an area of conflict in your business can often help ease strained relations. For example, if your team struggles with following directions, a scavenger hunt might be a good exercise to work on deciphering instructions as a unit.

2. Volunteer Together

Working together as a team for the benefit of others is often a good way to remove tension and competitiveness from the equation. A change of scenery can also eliminate judgmental behaviors—if everyone is doing something out of his or her comfort zone, no one can claim to be the expert.

3. Celebrate Group Successes

Rather than focusing on individual achievements, team building should celebrate successes that the entire group has contributed to. Make sure to plan separate incentives or events for group performance in addition to individual work.

4. Start a Team or Club

Extracurricular activities can often promote camaraderie among employees, even those who don’t ordinarily get along. Think about what common interests your team shares and how you could start a team or club that brings everyone together. For example, if you know your staff members like to read novels, you might start an after-hours book club.

The Bottom Line

The stronger your team’s foundation is, the more stable it will be when storms come. Laying the groundwork from day one won’t prevent disputes from happening, but it will help you resolve them more efficiently when they do.

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