How Your Restaurant Should Be Recruiting


Recent trends show that companies are more inclined to lay off baby boomers than employees of other ages. For many companies, it is too expensive to pay established baby boomers the higher salaries that they’ve earned from their years of experience in the work force, so many employers are tempted to hire younger people and pay them less due to their fewer years of experience. The goal for these businesses is to hire more people and increase their productivity, without paying more to do so.

While this may seem like an easy solution to decrease expenses, some restaurants have faced accusations of discriminating against older applicants. In order to avoid legal action by current or prospective employees, your small business should practice ethical hiring practices and decide to lay off employees solely based off their performance on the job.

Transparency is the first step to creating an ethical and legally sound hiring practice. When developing your job listings makes sure that you are as specific about the tasks that will be performed as possible to give the applicant or employee a clear idea of what is expected of them. Employers should also state what skills, level of education, and experience is required for the position and whether or not any training will be available to employees while on the job.

This transparency will ensure that you are getting candidates who feel as though that can fully perform the tasks of the job and it also gives employers documented reasons to reject candidates to show that they are not practicing discrimination. Make sure that your job descriptions do not include any physical characteristics such as specific age, weight, or height requirements as that is a form of discrimination.

In order for companies to avoid accusations of discrimination, they must be careful in the ways that they display their job descriptions and must clearly state what is required for their applicants. Following these steps is essential to establishing a credible hiring strategy, while avoiding legal trouble. For more information on how to best run your restaurant, follow SinglePlatform on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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