iPad Point of Service System and its Effect on Tipping


Technology is evolving faster than ever and that means big changes for the restaurant industry. As a restaurant owner, you’ve probably noticed them popping up in your communities and potentially in your competitor’s restaurants. Point of Service (POS) systems that utilize new mobile devices have gained popularity over the past few years and according to recent research it seems that this systems may increase tips for your servers.

Increased Tips

According to Software Advice, an online business that recommends restaurant POS systems, when a server is nearby 41% of diners will increase the amount that they leave in a tip.  As an employer, keeping you staff happy is a priority and increasing your staff’s tips is a great way to keep morale up.

No Tip Options

Many iPad POS systems prompt diners with preset tip percentages to expedite the tipping process by removing the math. Many of these systems also provide diners with a no tip option, which surprisingly actually increases the likelihood that a diner with leave a tip.

iPad Tipping Popularity

Even if iPad POS systems increase tipping, if it makes your diners uncomfortable then it’s not really a worthy investment. Diner’s preference for iPad tipping varies based on what kind of eating establishment they choose. Casual and Fast Casual restaurants seemed to be the restaurants with the most to gain from considering iPad POS systems.

iPad POS systems seem to be a strong choice for restaurant owners who are interested in increasing tips left for their servers. However, there are other potential downfalls that should be considered when deciding if this is best for your business. iPads can be expensive and may not hold up well to the natural wear and tear of a bustling restaurant. To learn more about industry news and updates, sign up for our newsletter:

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