Four Reasons Your Digital Menu Needs to Be on Your Facebook Page


It’s no secret that when people are checking out your business, one of the places they are likely to look is on Facebook.  Even more importantly, Facebook is one of the best ways to get free visibility courtesy of your existing and potential customers.
In fact, every time someone “likes”, comments, or shares one of your posts or photos there is a chance that their friends and family will see it too.  With all of that great social visibility, don’t you want your menu right there on your Facebook Page as well?

Here are four reasons that adding your menu to your Page is a no brainer:

  1. People are on Facebook to be on Facebook – don’t try to send them away.  It’s great if consumers are interacting with your business on Facebook but that is probably not the primary reason they logged on in the first place.  Make it easy for potential customers to find whatever they are looking for without driving them to your website or directory listing.  That way you can be part of their social experience instead of trying to end it.
  2. Facebook is all about showing the personality of your business, and what shows your personality more than your menu?  You know that people decide to visit you based on what you have to offer and the experience they are going to have.  Both of which are encapsulated best by your menu and photos!
  3. It’s no extra work to be there.  Once your digital menu is set up with SinglePlatform it takes about three clicks to get it added as a tab on your Facebook Page.  Seriously, it’s that easy.
  4. People really do look at menus on Facebook.  In fact, customers using the SinglePlatform menu app drove over 173,000 menu views in 2012.

The truth is that you want an accurate, easy to read menu everywhere people might search for you or interact with your business.  Don’t forget to include your Facebook Page in the mix!


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