[News] Facebook Launches in-App Ad Network


Here’s a highlight of some of the top local-business-related news of the week:

[Advertising News] Facebook Launches in-App Ad Network

News Source: AdAge

After extensive testing, Facebook officially launched its in-app mobile ad network featuring robust targeting options.

The updates will allow advertisers to target Facebook users within other mobile apps using their interests, likes, and demographics information. Publishers currently in Facebook’s audience network include The Huffington Post, e-retailer Vinted, and mobile app Cut the Rope.

Key Takeaway: Facebook has been focused on mobile for awhile now, and this ad network expansion is a natural outgrowth of that strategy. For businesses, in-app ads may prove to be worth the investment—not only do they provide an opportunity to capitalize on Facebook’s rich user data, but they also have a wider network of potential touch points with consumers across various mobile properties.

[Retail News] Shoppers Willing to Sacrifice Privacy for Deals

News Source: Forbes

A new study released by eDigitalResearch this week revealed some surprising insights about mobile consumers and privacy. Of the 1300 smartphone users surveyed, 33% indicated that personalized in-store messages from a retailer would have a positive influence on their decision to make a purchase.

In-store messaging systems such as iBeacon allow stores to beam messages to shoppers in the vicinity using Bluetooth technology.

Additionally, 78% of respondents willing to receive personalized messages would feel okay with a retailer using their purchase information to create more relevant messages for them in the future.

Key Takeaway: Consumers are still protective of their privacy when it comes to web and mobile usage, but it appears that the promise of a more customized, engaging shopping experience is worth the exchange of personal data for many people. As consumers become more familiar with the benefits of allowing businesses to access their data, they may start to warm to the idea of in-store offers and other real-time marketing strategies. 

[Retail News] Square Introduces “Pickup” for Online Purchases

News Source: Engadget

Small business credit card processing service Square branched out this week with Pickup, a new service that enables customers to buy items online and pick them up in store at a pre-scheduled time.

Pickup provides small businesses with an affordable online marketplace to sell their goods: The service is available with no setup fees and a per-purchase fee of 2.75% until July 1st.

Key Takeaway: As eCommerce proves successful for retailers of all sizes, Square’s move into online ordering comes as no surprise. But will small businesses profit from this service? For anyone selling physical goods, Pickup seems like a great way to give consumers flexibility when it comes to purchasing. However, this system also removes the consumer from the usual in-person purchase flow where staff members can have more of an impact on recommendations and selections. The success of the product will hinge on its ability to not just let consumers purchase in advance, but to also discover additional items of interest as they shop online.

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