[News] Restaurants Given the Chance to Review Customers


Here’s a highlight of some of the top local-business-related news of the week:

[Restaurant News] Restaurants Review Customers with Dimmi ResDiary

News Source: Bloomberg Businessweek

Australia-based restaurant reservation system Dimmi ResDiary is now allowing participating restaurants to track and rate customers on “dining performance”—what they ordered, what kind of tip they left, what additional requests they made, and how they treated the staff.

The hope is that restaurant ratings will promote improved behavior by customers. The review system will also aid restaurant staff in identifying patron preferences and rewarding individuals who are big spenders or pleasant to serve.

Key Takeaway: Giving restaurants the ability to review patrons has the potential to affect negative customer behaviors. However, this system includes the same dangers as consumer reviews, opening the door to harsh or inappropriate comments by businesses that could affect customer loyalty and retention.

Restaurants have a lot more to lose by creating negative reviews of patrons than patrons do by criticizing a business. Those participating in such “reverse-Yelp” programs should tread very lightly when it comes to giving negative feedback.

[Social Media News] Facebook Rolls out New Design for All Business Pages

News Source: The Next Web

This week, Facebook began rolling out its new one-column Business Page design to users worldwide. Posts will now appear in a single main column instead of a two-column staggered layout.

The left column includes key Page information such as Likes, maps, hours of operation, website URL, About Us description, and any apps you’re using.

The Tab structure at the top of the page has also changed, going to a more streamlined link system under the Cover Photo.

Key Takeaway: These Page changes should benefit your business by (1) making it easier for users to view your key business information in the left column and (2) improving the flow of Post content on your Page. The two-column design made it difficult to read and easy to get distracted by other Posts.

Both of these updates will also provide a better experience for users who come to your Page via Graph Search, helping them find the information they’re looking for more quickly.

[Mobile News] Study Finds More than 30% of Consumers Use Mobile Exclusively

News Source: Marketing Land

A new study from xAd and Telemetrics this week confirms what we’ve all been hearing for a couple of years: Mobile is a key discovery channel for local consumers, and it’s only growing in importance.

Half of survey respondents consider mobile to the “most important resource” in their purchase decision-making process, and more than a third said they use mobile exclusively.

Additionally, the study found that mobile users tend to be the most likely to make a purchase: 53% of mobile shoppers called a business and 65% completed a purchase the same day as they performed a search. 64% of these purchases happened in store.

Pricing and location tend to be the two most important factors for mobile shoppers; deals also have an impact on promoting conversions.

Key Takeaway: We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again—making sure your business’s key content is accessible via mobile is crucial. If your website, online listings, menu, list of products & services, and location / contact information aren’t available on or optimized for mobile, now is the time to make it happen!

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