Wake up and smell the coffee: Why consumers are drawn to local coffee shops


Most Americans can’t start their day without a nice big cup of coffee. Whether it’s iced coffee, black coffee, hot coffee, or coffee brimming with cream, everyone has his or her preferences. What’s interesting is how the growth of gourmet coffee has truly skyrocketed. It was found that Americans drink less coffee today than we did in the 30s, but they’re drinking higher quality, better-brewed cups. This is happening because coffee shops are “trendy” and often feature dessert-like drinks. When it comes to coffee, options aren’t limited anymore; modern-day coffee drinkers can practically create a drink that resembles a small ice-cream sundae. Small coffee shops that offer both high quality drink options and a friendly environment, continue to crush sales. Customer service is a huge aspect of a successful business. A warm welcome upon entering goes a long way with customers, and remembering the orders of regular customers goes even farther; 96% of consumers believe local businesses offer more personalized service. Apart from personalized service, customers easily convert to repeat ones; 95% or so of regular customers will order the same drink every day according to MyCoffeePro. Capitalizing on your customers’ routine and ensuring their experience is both satisfactory and personalized each time they visit will ultimately expand your customer base and increase your business’ profitability. Think about a time when your favorite barista has a drink you order consistently already waiting for you. This is a key example of quality customer service. Small gestures like that truly allow your customers’ coffee run to be more of a personal experience.

Great customer service allows it to be easy for someone to support a local business. This is because it is easy to love a small business when they have so much passion and love for their customers. Besides great customer service, it has been made clear that there are many other factors that contribute to the success of locally owned coffee shops; Success is driven by consumer taste and income level, as well as shop location and atmosphere. Small coffee shops offering first-class service and a high-quality product can be effective competitors in a market that continues to grow. Locally owned coffee shops continue to thrive day after day. This is because they care about each and every customer; they continually strive to improve their service and product. When these three characteristics are combined, you have yourself a great coffee shop that will continue to be successful.

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