Diner Trends of 2015: Capture Local Search


Using technology before, during, and after a diner’s visit

Whether it’s an out-of-towner searching for a fancy meal before a broadway show or an executive taking a client out to lunch between meetings, diners have a lot on their plates. Diners want what they want, when they want it, regardless of location.

Taking advantage of localized, immediate search

Diners are 82% likely to use their smartphones while searching for local restaurants. In fact, search terms with “near me” have increased 34 times over the past few years. Get in front of hungry diners and take advantage of this mobile trend by putting your business information across SinglePlatform’s exclusive network of local search engines, review sites, online directories, and apps. Learn more here.

Speeding up checkout time with tablets

The last thing diners want is to wait around for the check. Did you know 52% of people say a benefit of tabletop tablets is being able to pay for their meal when finished, and 83% of people are likely to use this technology if given the opportunity. Provide busy diners with an electronic payment system, whether it be a with tablet or with the OpenTable App, Apple Pay or Google Wallet.

Offering incentives to rack up repeat business

Does your restaurant offer incentives to keep diners coming back? Over 90% of diners are crazy about loyalty programs. Fast casual and QSR restaurants like Panera Bread and Chili’s have pioneered these reward systems that are quickly translating over to the fine dining space.

We’ve gathered some of the most actionable data available online and created the below infographic to help your restaurant drive immediate sales, improve turnover time and foster relationships for repeat visits.

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