The rise of food blogs


Diners today are using multiple social media outlets when choosing which restaurant they will be trying out next. Sites like Yelp and Zomato are great when searching for new restaurants on the go, but with the “foodie” crowd growing, more sophisticated diners are turning to trendy new food blogs for their next meal.

Word of mouth turned written word

The internet is quickly turning into the digital word of mouth. Diners are turning to reviews to make buying decisions and food blogs have become a way to turn everyday peers into reputable food crisitcs. According to an article in Business Today, “People trust reviews from bloggers the way they trust the opinions of friends and family.” The bloggers are telling a personal story about their experience, from the ambiance of the restaurant to the flavors of the meal. The Infatuation does a great job telling the reader a story while giving in-depth critiques of big-city restaurants, check it out!

Dietary needs create a need for specific information sources

burgers on board burgers on board

We have seen a huge increase in gluten-free and health conscious trends in the past few years and with over 2 million blogs about food, diners are now able to find blogs that meet their individual needs. The Gluten Free N-Y-C Girl gives followers a list of NYC restaurants with gluten free menus while Will Travel for Vegan Food gives followers reviews on vegan restaurants all over the globe.

A photo is worth 1,000 words

Instagram has played a huge role in the popularity of food blogs. The “food porn” craze has given bloggers the availability to promote their blog posts and restaurant reviews through visual content. When New Fork City posts a picture of a juicy burger, diners are drawn to the photo and can easily click for more information on the restaurant.

Reaching out to local or dietary-specific food bloggers can be a great way to boost your visibility of your restaurant. You can do some research in your area to find the ones your local customers love.

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