Ring in success with these top dining trends of 2016


A new year means new expectations, magnifying the need for bar and restaurant owners everywhere to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the bar and restaurant industry.
With 2016 in full swing, how will your bar or restaurant capitalize on the trends of the new year to ensure your success?

Bolster the buzz about your establishment with these five trends to add to your menu this year:

1.) Hone in on house-made

Diners are increasingly desiring their food to be made on-site and by the bar or restaurant they’re patronizing, creating a movement away from external food vendors. Specifically popular in the new year, consumers hope to see a rise in house-made sausage and ice cream on the menu, according to restaurant.org.

2.) No more GMO

The focus on health continues on in 2016, driving diners to opt for food items devoid of GMOs, or genetically modified organisms. According to Technomic, 70% of customers say they would be more likely to purchase food and beverages labeled as GMO-free, and 34% of customers would be willing to pay more for it. Ensuring your menu contains items that satisfy the GMO-free criteria will ultimately satisfy your health-conscious consumers.

3.) Cook with culture

As the popularity of Sriracha amongst consumers introduced it to an astronomical number of restaurants’ menus in 2015, condiments from different cultures are also on the rise this year. According to Technomic, diners are interested in menu items that contain condiments from North Africa, Korea, Southeast Asia, and India. Putting a twist on traditional menu items by implementing these condiments will interest and attract customers to your restaurant in 2016.

4.) Love locally sourced

Continuing on from 2015, consumers’ preferences are concerned with locally sourced fare. In fact, the number one food trend of 2016 on the National Restaurant Association’s extensive list is locally sourced meats and seafood. Locally grown produce also made the list, coming in at number three. The point is, if your bar or restaurant loves local, your diners will love you.

5.) Dine-in and deliver

Besides giving customers the option to dine in, give them the option of delivery. With services like Seamless, UberEATS, and Grubhub, your restaurant has the opportunity to expand business and deliver cuisine right to the customer, right when they want it.

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