The Best Of Tech for Small Businesses: Online Ordering and Delivery


When it comes to technology, small businesses have an arsenal of tools to help them reach customers and drive revenue. Considering that 70% of Americans feel they don’t have enough time in the day to achieve all the things they need to get done, busy customers are increasingly expecting convenience and speed from businesses.

With 91% of Internet users using their desktop computers to search the internet and 80% of them using their smartphones to do so, enabling online ordering and delivery at your business can increase order volume and attract customers looking to purchase with a click of a button.

The number of orders placed online has more than doubled from 2009 to 2015, which has significantly disrupted the marketplace. Online ordering platforms eliminate the need to call a business, the hassle of being placed on hold, and the inaccurate orders due to a miscommunication over the phone. Combine the convenience of online ordering with the convenience of delivery and you are creating the easiest experience for your customers.

While online ordering and delivery are important features for any business looking to grow, determining the best platform to partner with depends on the type of business you have and what your specific needs are on a daily basis.

To help your small business choose which partner is right for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best platforms available.

Partnering with over 10,000 local businesses, has connected customers with the products and meals they’re looking for since 2004. Restaurants, grocery stores, wine and liquor stores and laundry services have access to over one million users through their site.  With no setup fee and a system where businesses only pay for the orders placed through, the site allows virtually any kind of business that offers food or services to have online ordering and delivery capability.

In addition to online ordering and delivery, markets businesses using email promotions, social media marketing and marketing collateral, as well as out-of-home and digital advertising. With the capability of managing orders from any device as well as monitoring customer insights, allows local businesses in more than 38 cities the opportunity to grow their customer base.

GrubHub and Seamless

Specializing in the restaurant industry, GrubHub and Seamless partnered in August of 2013 to expand and include more restaurants nationwide in their delivery service. GrubHub and Seamless have an extensive customer base that rakes in 267,000 orders daily and serves seven million active users.

In addition to their far-reaching customer base, local businesses will be glad to know that the cost of becoming a partner is low. Sine they will waive the setup fee, Seamless and GrubHub only charge your restaurant for the orders that come through their site. With an estimated 13.5% commission fee per order, restaurants will need to evaluate their budgets to determine whether this service is right for them. Keep in mind that your restaurant will be able to manage delivery orders from any device, process two orders per minute, and either enable orders on your own website or allow GrubHub to help create your own customizable site.

Amazon Prime Now

Amazon has officially joined ranks with online food delivery services by launching a meal delivery service in September of 2015. While Amazon charges restaurants a 27.5% fee per order, the benefits may be worth the higher commission for some businesses. Restaurants gain access to a wide array of potential new customers because Amazon Prime members are offered free delivery at partnered restaurants in the ten cities currently serviced. Amazon also provides the delivery staff needed to service this demand.

While your restaurant must have a Kindle in order to take and accept orders, Amazon provides restaurants with a free one that comes pre-loaded with their merchant app. Amazon also provides free training on how to use their technology.

Postmates and ChowNow

Postmates is another online ordering platform to consider using as they produce one million deliveries per month in over 200 cities. Recently partnering with ChowNow, a meal delivery and marketing insight service, the two companies focus not only on delivery, but promoting restaurant through online strategies and in-store collateral to drive online and mobile orders as well.

ChowNow’s features like branded iPhone and Android ordering apps, a marketing launch package, and unlimited dashboard access that lets you accept orders and choose accurate pickup times, are available through three different plan types. The monthly plan charges $149 each month and comes with an initial $399 setup fee per location. The annual plan charges $119 per month and comes with a $199 setup fee per location. The two-year plan charges $99 per month and has a $199 set up fee per location.

Yelp and Eat24

Serving 30,000 restaurants in over 1,500 cities, Yelp and Eat24 partnered last year to merge search and discovery with delivery. Using Eat24 can increase your restaurant’s reach to millions of Yelp users. Eat24 is a cost-effective way to get your restaurant in front of more customers with no sign up or set up fees.

In addition to the free set-up costs, Eat24 offers live chat, email and phone support 24 hours a day, every day, and provides free maintenance and a free, optional website. If your restaurant already has a website, their online ordering system is compatible with existing sites as well.

Choosing the best online ordering platform for you

While there is a vast range of online ordering and delivery platforms to choose from, understanding which is most compatible with your restaurant’s needs is essential in increasing reach and successfully serving customers through these sites.

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