Holidays in the Food Biz: Thanksgiving Edition


Thanksgiving. It’s a holiday that conjures up visions of plates heaping with food, families gathered around a table (or television) together, and turkey-induced naps on the couch. It also calls to mind big dollar signs for businesses, especially those in the food industry.
SinglePlatform’s restaurants, bakeries, and food wholesalers have tapped into the Thanksgiving spirit in a variety of ways to boost their business. Here are a few ideas to help you make the most of the upcoming holiday.

Help with Dinner

Hosting Thanksgiving can be an ordeal for home cooks, even experienced ones. Our businesses have extended a helping hand by providing fresh ingredients such as the main-event turkey, shellfish for stuffing and appetizers, and specialty produce. Other clients sell bread, pies, cakes, and other baked goods to take the pressure off shaky bakers. Some of our users even provide the entire feast, letting customers focus on socializing rather than slaving over a stove.

Entertain the Night Before

Out-of-towners often show up the night before the feast—but few people are eager to cook a big meal two days in a row. Our restaurants have run specials and discounts on “Thanksgiving Eve” to give hosts a break from entertaining their guests’ taste buds.

Host the Whole Family

Whether it’s a rustic buffet, multi-course prix fixe menu, or something in between, dining out can be a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Some of our businesses open their doors to their customer family every year, hosting feasts that are worthy of advance reservations.

Take Time Off

It’s rare that small business owners take a break, but Thanksgiving is a great time to consider a day off. Many of our clients close up shop so they can rest and recharge with friends and family before the holiday season shifts into high gear.

Whatever your plans are for Thanksgiving, be sure to tell your customers how thankful you are for them.

A big thanks to all of our SinglePlatform clients. We’re lucky to work with such a great group of businesses!

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