Holidays in the Food Biz: December Edition


It’s December, which means that the holiday travel, shopping, and feasting season is in full swing. For small businesses in the food industry, the resulting increase in store visits and orders in the last month of the year is cause for rejoicing. But during the hectic season, it can be difficult to think of interesting ways to draw in new patrons and engage existing customers.
SinglePlatform’s small businesses in the food industry have taken advantage of the holidays in a variety of ways to boost their business, reward their consumers, and give back to the community. Here are a few marketing ideas to consider for your own business:

Holiday Gift Cards

Beyond encouraging customers to dine with you or make purchases during the month of December, you can also encourage business in the new year with holiday gift cards. Many SinglePlatform clients promote gift cards as a stocking stuffer or last-minute gift idea.

Host Holiday Parties and Meals

Help alleviate your customers’ holiday hosting stress by opening your doors for large group parties and meals. You can:

  • rent out your entire establishment for private events, or accommodate smaller gatherings with reserved rooms
  • offer special menus for pre-holiday, post-holiday, and day-of holiday dining
  • or even, as one of our more creative clients did, host an “ugly Christmas sweater” party to get some use out of previously neglected gifts and keep the festivities going through to the start of the new year

Holiday Crafts

Even those people who aren’t ordinarily inclined toward craftiness get into the DIY spirit around the holidays. A few of our local businesses have hosted in-store craft events for adults and kids alike.

Donations to a Local Charity

Several of SinglePlatform’s clients participated in donation drives of toys, canned goods, and other items to benefit their local communities. This is a great way to give back to those in need during the holidays, and an easy way to contribute positively to your brand’s image.

The Bottom Line

However you choose to market your business during the holidays, make sure it’s meaningful for your customers and your community, in addition to being meaningful for you.

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