Holiday Business Trends: Valentine’s Day


The most romantic holiday of the year is almost here, which means big love for restaurants, bars, florists, and other local businesses. Last year, SinglePlatform’s customers employed a variety of tactics—some traditional and some more daring—to sweep patrons off their feet on Valentine’s Day. Here are a few creative marketing ideas from our clients.

From custom tasting menus featuring chocolate, strawberries, champagne, and oysters to special prices on bouquets of roses to spa gift card promotions, our customers pulled out all the stops to offer something romantic and decadent for Valentine’s Day.

Live Music

Mood music can make or break a romantic setting. To set the right tone, some of our clients brought in string quartets and live bands for the occasion; one bar even had a special Valentine’s Day karaoke event so that patrons could serenade one another.


Some of our restaurant clients, who know that freebies can often win over fickle hearts, wooed couples with giveaways such as cigars, roses, desserts, even champagne. If free champagne doesn’t contribute to customer loyalty, we don’t know what will.

Speed Dating

Valentine’s Day can often be a less than stellar holiday for singles. One of our clients decided to bring singles together by hosting a speed dating event. If you’re a natural matchmaker, it may be just the thing to boost your business in February!

Anti-Valentine’s Day Parties

For those more jaded bachelors and bachelorettes, a few bars threw anti-Valentine’s Day parties. One of our clients hosted a costume party featuring angles and devils; another offered drink specials for “non-Cupids”.

The Bottom Line

Holidays are meant to be embraced and enjoyed by businesses and consumers alike. Get creative with your offers and events, and your patrons will be sure to swoon.

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