Go Fourth and Make Sales This Holiday Weekend


As the 4th of July nears, how does your small business plan to celebrate America’s birthday?
Auto club AAA has predicted that 41.9 million people will travel for the holiday weekend, the highest number of travelers in the past eight years.

How will you take advantage of the increase in travelers to your area and attract them to your business?

Advertising alone doesn’t cut it for consumers anymore; 83% of buyers no longer trust advertising, but most trust recommendations from users online.

If you want to attract the highest number of customers this weekend, it’s time to shift your focus from online advertising to your organic presence on review and travel sites.

If you need further convincing…

70% of U.S households now use the Internet when shopping locally for products and services, and 70% are likely to visit user review sites or independent review sites before making a purchase, according to PRNewsWire.

Ensuring that your business is listed across travel and review sites is vital to being discovered by travelers looking to spend this Fourth of July. Enticing them with deals, specials, and limited-time offers is another way to encourage spending – but first, you need to get them in the door.

 Here are three easy ways to get travelers to choose you:

 1.) Feature a menu or product series that is 4th of July-specific

Aligning with your customers’ interests and supporting the things they celebrate makes them feel appreciated and cared for by your business. Offering menu items or products that are centered on the holidays they love creates an experience that evokes their emotions– making them more likely to choose your business again in the future, and tell others about their positive experience.

 2.) Offer a special discount or sale

When people are traveling, they’re already spending a lot of money to get to their destination – making them less inclined to spend a large amount of money dining out or shopping around. By offering discounts or sales, you help them to not only justify their spending, but to splurge with your business because they feel like they’re getting the best deal.

 3.) Make your business accessible by travelers

When people travel to a new area, they rely on the web to find out information about the small businesses and restaurants near them. As travel and review sites continue to rise in popularity, ensuring that the most important information, i.e., name, address, and phone number, is accurate and accessible on these sites results in a much higher possibility of being not only discovered by travelers, but chosen by them.

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