4 Ways for Restaurants to Go Green for Earth Day


Earth Day was last week and SinglePlatform wanted to help out those business owners who are environmentally conscious and looking to improve their carbon footprint. Celebrated initially in 1974, Earth Day is especially relevant this year as the environment is a pressing issue in the 2016 presidential election.  Here are four ways restaurant owners can go green—not only to feel better about their impact on the environment but to save a bit of money as well!

1. Switch to Higher Efficiency Lighting

The Environmental Working Group recommends switching from incandescent lightbulbs to compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) reduces greenhouse emissions and mercury discharges as well being cost efficient. On average, CFLs last four times as long as standard light bulbs. Although CFLs are slightly more expensive, over the long term you will save money and you’ll have to change your light bulbs less frequently.

2. Reduce Food Waste Anyway You Can

According to Restaurant.com, the restaurant industry produces up to 33 million tons of food waste in the United States alone.  Not only does that clog our landfills but it also hurts your bottom line.  Offer chefs specials each day of the week that incorporate ingredients that you have in oversupply. This will inspire your chefs to be creative and can add variety to your menu. If you still have a surplus, donate trays of food to a local nonprofit or soup kitchen.

3. Source Locally

American consumers are being drawn more and more to sustainable food, with the National Restaurant Association claiming sustainability as its number one trend for 2016.  Aside from increased customer awareness, purchasing produce and meats from local farmers cuts transportation and usage of fossil fuels. While most locally sourced and organic ingredients are not less expensive, many consumers are now willing to pay more for locally sourced foods. This increase in price can cover your increased overhead and may go as far as boosting your bottom line.

4. Get Creative with Recycling

Restaurants deal with large amounts of wastefigure out ways to cut back. Reuse paper products when you can. An old box can become a sign for specials with a little DIY and save you a little bit of money. Try reusing wine bottles as flower holders or wall decoration. Make a cork board out of reused corks.

Going green is something that will not only save you money over the long term but is essential for our environment. With these four tips you’re well on your way to reduce you carbon footprint as well as your overall budget.  Want to learn more tips and tricks for your small business? Check out SinglePlatform on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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