Winning the Restaurant Game this Super Bowl Sunday


Super Bowl Sunday is an unofficial but extremely popular American holiday. Aside from the football game itself, and the commercials of course, food and drinks are big players for game day. More than 110 million Americans will be watching the game on television, either at home or at an establishment that’s showing the event. As a restaurant owner, you should be prepared to satisfy hungry fans, because while only 15 million people in the USA watch the game at a bar or restaurant, all 110 million will be hungry! What is your strategy for feeding them?!

Here are three ways you can impress Super Bowl viewers no matter which team they’re rooting for.

1. A Specialized Super Bowl Menu

Did You Know…

After Thanksgiving, Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest day for food consumption ALL YEAR LONG! This is an automatic touchdown for your restaurant.

Over 1 billion wings will be eaten, 8 million pounds of guacamole will be consumed, and over 50 million cases of beer will be drank.

If you have an appetizing Super Bowl themed menu and great deals, then you’re sure to attract customers. What’s at the top of the popularity list? According to the Chicago Tribune, chicken wings, buffalo chicken dip, chips and dip, and pizza take the top spots. Football fanatics want easy-to-eat, filling foods that invoke a sense of fun. Are you creating a special Super Bowl Sunday menu for the occasion? Consider adding these items to the list. You can even add your own personal twist to the menu in order to stand out from the crowd. If you’re in Philadelphia, a cheese steak inspired pizza may be a top hit. For New England fans, incorporating lobster into your mac & cheese or offering a fresh crab dip could be a catch. Make sure your special menu can be discovered online by super fans everywhere.

2. Can’t-Resist Promotions

It’s no secret that people love a good deal & Super Bowl Sunday is no exception! Are you running a promotion? Consider specially priced beer pitchers, two for one deals, and discounts on bulk finger foods like wings and mozzarella sticks. People tend to watch the game in groups, so be sure to offer deals that will be kind to everyone’s pockets. You can even make things interesting and offer a different special for every quarter. In the first quarter you can promote half priced wings, while the final stretch can be all about discounted domestic beers hailing from the competing teams’ geographic area. Another fun way to deliver a deal is a beat the clock strategy, where pricing on food increases with every quarter or half. Allowing your guests to play along can make the experience more exciting and interesting.

3. Devotion to Delivery

Although you want to attract people to your bar or restaurant location for the game, you should also consider the revenue you can generate by offering delivery. Some people prefer to watch the game from the comfort of their own homes, whether they’re enjoying it with family or hosting a party. Still, there’s sure to be food involved! During the Super Bowl people are looking for easy solutions to feeding a household of hungry sports lovers.  Offering special serving size options for delivery to feed large groups is a sure way to increase your average purchase price!  Delivery is a method made easy today with online ordering apps like ChowNow and GrubHub available with a few clicks on a keyboard. Do you have a strategy in place to provide reliable delivery to customers who want to stay home but enjoy your food, too? Delivery is a great way to maximize your business potential on game day, just be sure you have the capacity to handle the additional orders.

Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner, and as the second most popular day for food consumption in America, your restaurant should be prepared to delight dozens of famished fans. Utilize these tips to win your customers over and have a successful Sunday. For help with getting your game day menu everywhere that matters online, contact SinglePlatform today.

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