Father’s Day: 3 Tips for Restaurant Success


Another national holiday is right around the corner, and with Father’s Day quickly approaching on June 17th, you’re probably thinking up ways to bring even more business into your restaurant. The holiday is a popular one for dining out; there were 2,069,221 online menu views on Father’s Day alone in 2017. Plus, Father’s Day spending is on the rise, with spending predicted to reach over 15 billion in 2017!

Do you need some fresh ideas for getting your restaurant ready for dining dads and their families? Read on for 3 ideas to incorporate into your Father’s Day event at your restaurant.

Snapshots with Dad

A fun way to promote your business and incorporate your guests is by encouraging them to take a photo while dining at your restaurant & tag your location and social media handles. Let your guests know that if they post a photo while still at your location, they will earn a free dessert or drink for dad. This is a great way to get your name out socially while providing a fun atmosphere while guests are enjoying a meal. You can create a hashtag for the event, using your restaurant’s name, so that you can keep track of all the associated posts. For example, if your restaurant’s name is “City Bistro” your hashtag can be #CBDiningDads or #CityBistroFathersDay, (just be sure to check if the hashtag you choose is already being used online). Unsure of which social platform to focus on? Instagram is a great outlet for running this, as 51% of Instagram users access the platform daily, and 35% say they look at the platform several times per day. Since it’s the most visual social media outlet, it’s great for sharing photos, utilizing location tagging, and posting hashtags.

Getting your customers involved can give your restaurant a human touch, and it’s also great for spreading the word about your business to their followers. To take it a step further, you can even sift through the hashtagged photos after the event and post some favorites on your own social sites. It’s great to add a personal touch to your social accounts in order to show that you care about your customers and the experience they have at your restaurant.

Inspire the Conversation

Diners don’t just come to your restaurant for the food, they come for the experience. Father’s Day is a holiday with the purpose to honor dads everywhere and enjoy time with family. You want your establishment to be inviting and you should offer an atmosphere that will help the day be memorable. A unique way to incorporate the holiday is with conversation starters. If it’s obvious that a table is celebrating Father’s Day, ask your server to bring conversation cards along with the menus. You can offer questions like “What are your favorite memories with your dad,” “What is dad’s favorite show on TV,” and “What special talents did you get from your dad?”

Having these cards on the table can prompt interesting conversations while families are enjoying the meal. They’ll inspire kids to think outside the box and recognize what makes their dads so special. Plus, they’re a great way to fill time while guests are waiting to place their orders and receive their food.

Menu with Dads in Mind

The day is all about dad, so reflect that in what you offer. Of course, you can serve your regular daily menu, but if you’re looking to switch things up, gear it toward the cuisine that fathers will love.

Create a special burger with all the fixings, offer a hearty steak, and even incorporate some game day favorites like wings and other appetizers. You can create a Father’s Day theme for the day and market it on your website, in email blasts, and social accounts.

If you want to get creative, you can think up catchy names for the menu items & design a special printed menu for the day. “Gone Fishin'” can be the title of your fish dish of the day, you can rename your appetizer sampler the “Dad Deserves It” and call your special filet mignon the “Father’s Day Filet.” Going the extra mile to incorporate this added touch can help make the event fun & may even spark conversation around the dinner table.

Father’s Day is a popular holiday for families, which means it’s a great opportunity for your restaurant to bring in customers & profit! Use these ideas to make your event unique and memorable for fathers and their families this June 17th.

About the Author: Taylor Kelly is SinglePlatform’s Content Marketer.  She loves reorganizing words and cabinets, drinking iced coffee whether it’s summer or winter, and checking out the best happy hour spots New York City has to offer. Her goal at SP is to provide creative & informative content about anything restaurant & small business related.


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