5 Reasons Your Business Should be Present on Mobile


Last week, you learned how mobile search can help you connect with new customers. But you may still be feeling skeptical about the value of mobile. After all, it’s no small commitment to manage your business listings, maintain a mobile-friendly site, and create marketing campaigns with mobile in mind.
So why should you set aside the time, money, and resources needed to invest in mobile? Here are 5 compelling reasons:

1. 55% of All Adult Smartphone Owners Surf the Web on Mobile

At the end of 2011, 93.1 million consumers owned a smartphone. If over half of them perform online searches on their mobile device, that’s an audience of more than 51 million potential customers—definitely worth going after.

2. 77% of Mobile Searches Happen at Home or Work

People are increasingly likely to research local businesses on mobile, even if there’s a PC available. And on-the-go searches are a growing part of the mobile search equation. Having up-to-date listings and a mobile-friendly website will ensure than potential customers can find you wherever they happen to be, whenever they happen to be looking. 

3. 75% of Mobile Searches Trigger Follow-up Actions

The majority of consumers who perform a search on mobile will go on to take further action, whether it’s calling a retailer, visiting a store, making a purchase, or sharing information about a business. If people can find you easily on mobile, they’ll be highly motivated to engage with you.

4. 63% of Mobile Searchers Act within 1 hour of Initial Search

Not only do a high percentage of mobile searchers follow up with businesses—they also do so quickly. And the more quickly consumers take action, the more likely they are to follow through, which is great news for your business.

5. 55% of Mobile Conversions Occur within 1 hour of Initial Search

Consumers who find your business on mobile are primed to make a purchase shortly after they discover you. 81% of mobile conversions happen within 5 hours of search; of that segment, 55% occur within an hour.

The Bottom Line

Mobile is an important mode of search for consumers, helping them find and act on information quickly. With the number of mobile web users growing each year, it’s worth the investment to make sure your business is putting its best foot forward in the mobile space.

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