How to Build Your Small Business’s Brand Authority


Developing and communicating an identity for your small business is important, but building on that identity to reinforce your brand authority is just as essential. Consumers’ standards are higher than ever, and they want to interact with businesses they feel are value-oriented, real, and plugged in. There are a variety of ways to develop these attributes. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Invest in Quality

Every part of your brand, from the products and services in your store to your company’s website, contributes to customers’ perception of your business. If you pursue the highest quality in every aspect of operations and marketing, it will show—and will also lend credibility to your brand.

Develop a Unique Selling Point

Differentiating your business with a unique selling point or perspective can have as much impact on brand authority as investing in quality. Think about what you can do to go above and beyond the competition in both your main business and in your ancillary services and benefits. The more value you can add, the more you’ll appeal to consumers.

Engage on Social Media

Connecting with customers where they spend time online is an easy way to build your business’s authority. If you have things to say or share that are relevant to your audience, consumers are more likely to take you seriously—and to engage with you in return.

Create Useful Blog Content

Publishing engaging, memorable posts on a company blog is a great way to increase your site traffic and strengthen your brand’s authority. Guest blogging on other sites can also help you get your brand in front of a larger audience and establish your business as a reliable source of information (or entertainment, depending on what kind of business you have).

Be Consistent

Leading brands got to be where they are today by being consistent in terms of value and quality, but also in terms of their product positioning and what they stand for. From communications to design to service, it’s important that your business offers a standard experience that customers can get familiar with quickly.

Commit to a Cause

If giving back to the community is something near and dear to your heart, consider what your business can do to support a cause. Tying a personal passion into your business will contribute to your brand’s authority and appeal to consumers who are socially conscious.

The Bottom Line

The best thing you can do to build brand authority is to be genuine, engaged, and consistent in your business’s products, services, support, and communications. We’ve covered a few ways here, but the possibilities are endless. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

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