5 Ways to Incorporate Visuals in Your Marketing


Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, Flickr, YouTube—all the hottest social networks today are highly focused on visual content. For small businesses, the rise of visual marketing tools presents a great opportunity to tell the story of a brand through different media. But for those folks who may not be visually inclined, coming up with ideas to showcase your business with photos and videos may be challenging.
If you’re struggling to think of ways to incorporate visuals into your marketing campaigns, here are 5 ideas to kickstart your creative engines.

1. Showcase Your Products and Services

Chances are, if you run a business with a storefront, you have physical products and services that you can photograph and film. And consumers are hungry to take in visuals before they make a visit to a local business or purchase an item online. So get snapping and recording!

2. Give a Face to Your Business

Sharing pictures and videos of your staff will help give a face to your company and encourage sharing among employees and their friends on social media. Remember to tag the photos you post (with permission, of course) for maximum exposure.

3. Solve Problems

Do you have multiple customers who complain about a similar problem or point of confusion? A few how-to videos can be a huge help, and an effective way to engage viewers. These days, it’s easier than ever to create informational video content—all you need is a smartphone, a steady hand, and a plan.

4. Highlight Patrons

As evidenced by the “selfie” craze, people love to share photos and videos of themselves. Tap into your customers’ desire to be in the spotlight by posting photos and videos of patrons visiting your store, using your products or services, or sporting your business’s branding.

5. Ask Customers to Share Visuals

Consumers also love to capture their own photos and videos and upload for friends, family, and strangers to enjoy. Tap into this trend by running a contest asking customers to submit their own visual media related to your brand for a prize. You can also create simple campaigns to crowdsource content on your social accounts.

The Bottom Line

Visual marketing is a key way to engage with current customers and new consumers, bringing your business to life and showing some personality behind your brand. Luckily, it’s not hard to get visual with modern technology at your disposal.

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