4 tips to increase restaurant sales this holiday season


With October coming to an end, it’s time for restaurants to start preparing for their busiest time of the year. Here are some quick tips to keep your sales up during this holiday season!

Boost gift card sales to add to next year’s revenue now

Promoting gift cards is a great way to extend holiday sales after the New Year. On average, 72% of customers spend more than the value on the gift card. Gift cards are a quick and easy purchase for a friend or family member that can drive someone back into the restaurant soon. Restaurants can promote their gift cards by keeping them on the hostess stand, marketing them through social media, or sending out newsletters.

Add seasonal menus

holiday menu board

The holidays are a time of indulging, and consumers have different eating and spending habits that restaurants can capitalize on during November and December. According to US Foods, at least one third of diners say they seek out seasonal menus during the winter holidays. Adding warm stews or fall spices is an easy way to make your menu a little more festive. Consumers are also more likely to treat themselves during the holiday months so don’t be afraid to add some delicious desserts and holiday–themed drinks!

Promote holiday catering orders

Whether it’s a work event or family get-together, consumers are planning parties in advance and it is vital for customers to be aware of your catering menu. The customers could be interested in purchasing a few menu items to compliment a home-cooked meal to a full service-catering package for an upcoming event. Whatever the case may be, posting your catering menu on all the top social media sites, as well as your own website, will help advertise the catering menu this upcoming season.

Plan Ahead

Remember, these upcoming months may be the busiest time of the year and we want to make sure your customers have the best experience possible. Be sure to plan according with the appropriate number of staff and preparing high-quality food. In order to keep people coming back, make sure they leave happy customers! SinglePlatform makes menu updates and social promotion easy for the holidays.

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