Technology Meets Restaurants – How to Market Your Restaurant With Email Chains


You know that feeling you get when you grab lunch with one of your friends and they take you to a restaurant that blows your mind? Everything you ate – from the Calamari and Mozzerella Sticks, to the Chicken Parmesan hero entree was arguably the best meal you’ve ever eaten! Next thing you know, you just found your new lunch spot. Mazel Tov to you, my friend.

When you go back the following Monday, you quickly find out that the entree dish you ordered the previous week isn’t on the menu. That Chicken Parm hero is only served on Thursdays. You end up getting the Salmon and Brown Rice, which is solid and will get you through the day, but you were dreaming about the Chicken Parm Hero all weekend!

With everyone being attached to their smartphones every hour of every day, the ability to access your email whenever you want is there for you at your convenience. Having accessibility to your text messages and emails gives you the chance to see all of the information you need to know about on a day-to-day basis. In terms of eating at restaurants, this accessibility not only benefits the consumer, but that can benefit the restaurant owner as well!


Just imagine receiving notifications or emails from the restaurant daily, listing what kind of specials they have each day of the week. This would attract a larger audience and would bring back previous customers who had a specific liking towards a certain dish.

The easiest way for customers to see what kinds of specials and items are on the daily menu is for the restaurant to offer out a listserv. By offering out this listserv to every customer that shows up to the restaurant, it will provide a larger awareness and could attract a specific audience each day.

For example, if the Monday special is a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich with a side of Brussel Sprouts, this gives the Buff Chick and Sprout lovers a quick heads up that if they are craving these items, their restaurant is the place to go! The best part about the listserv is that it wouldn’t cost a dime!

If a customer signs up for the Listserv, all they need to provide is their most frequently used email address and the restaurant would take it from there. Gotta love 21st century technology, am I right?


The best way to bring back customers is to do whatever you can to make them happy. By getting people to sign up for the listserv, they may need more of an initiative besides getting an email once a day. It may not be a bad idea to throw in a free item by signing up on the listserv.Perhaps a coupon that has buy one appetizer, get one free if they sign up for the email chain would suffice? If the customers are happy, the business will continue to do well.

Now you might be asking yourself how this would work? How would the restaurant know that I’m a fan of a specific type of food? How can they categorize the types of food I like? It’s quite simple actually.

Upon arriving to the restaurant, the customer would be asked to fill out a quick optional survey as they waited for their food to be made. On the survey, certain questions regarding the kinds of foods they most desire when at a restaurant. The types of food would range from meats, cheeses, breads and vegetables. All of this information would be entered into the restaurants database and pending the customers desires, they would be split up into the food groups chain that they desire.

Whenever the restaurant would be serving a dish that includes those types of dishes, the customer would receive the email.

It’s time for restaurants to embrace the change in times and to take advantage of digital technology. By simply incorporating a listserv to their marketing campaign, it will attract returning customers and could even bring in new customers based on word of mouth. Like I said – gotta love 21st century technology!

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