6 Simple Tips to Help Improve Your Business’ SEO


As a business owner, you might have heard the term SEO thrown around a bit. It sounds technical and intimidating, but don’t let it scare you. SEO simply means “search engine optimization,” which is the process of directing digital traffic from search engines towards your content on the web.

Here are six simple tips to help improve your business’ SEO:

1. Use the Right Language and Give it Meaning

Search engines like Google and Bing run off of algorithms that look for certain criteria to determine which websites should rise to the top. Having the right keywords on your site is a critical component to that process, so make sure you so do some research to find the right ones. There are plenty of helpful resources around the web—like Google AdWords—but, remember, it’s not just having the right keywords that’s important. Search engine algorithms are getting smarter and smarter and they can see through websites that dump keywords onto their site simply to get traction. Make sure they’re placed inside intentional content that serves a purpose.

2. Use Keywords In Your Page Titles and URLs

Page titles are the most important location for your keywords, but those page titles should also be represented in your URL’s. For example, singleplatform.com/page-title-with-key-words carries a lot more weight than singleplatform.com/4839rhosna9x as far as search enginges are concerned. If every URL on your website is clearly marked with specific language, it will make an enormous difference for your business’ presence online.

3. Create Cross-Connectivity Between Your Pages and Others

No matter what page your customer is visiting, they should be able to find links to your other pages easily. Link out to other websites that might have relevance to your customers as well. Not only will those websites appreciate the recognition, but they might even return the favor—and the more relevant pages that link to your website, the better. Creating a web of inter-connectivity helps boost your customers engagement, creates more hits, and adds the street cred your website needs to get recognized by search engines.

4. Create Original, Quality Content

Search engines take note of pages that are updated regularly with new content. Not only that, but fresh content is a great way to vary your language, introduce new keywords, create cross-connectivity opportunities, and incentivize your customers to re-visit your site time and time again. Whether it’s a blog or a weekly campaign on social media, start making content and you’ll see your web-traffic skyrocket.

5. Have a Strong Social Media Presence

Having a strong social media presence and following is a great way to get recognized by search engines. It’s also a great place to implement many of the tools we’ve already listed. Look into some dynamic ways to make your social media presence stronger, put them into action, and watch online engagement reach an all-time high.

6. Make Sure Your Website Runs Smoothly

It’s as simple as that. Fast, well-designed website are more likely to get recognized by search engines. Look for ways your website can run faster, and the algorithm masters will be pleased.

Incorporate these six simple tips and your business will be reaching new customers at a rate you never thought possible. For even more tips and tricks on running your local business, sent straight to your inbox, sign up for our newsletter below:

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