5 Ways to Improve Your Restaurant Sales by Adding Catering


Every restauranteurs goal is to boost traffic to the business by gaining a constant flow of customers that are both new and returning customers. According to Food Service Warehouse, “Catering is a profit center many operators are neglecting to use to get the highest return possible from their restaurant, especially in this challenging environment.” You already have a kitchen, dedicated customers, and a menu, so why not add catering to boost sales? Here’s why and how:

Optimize Exposure

With catering to off-site events you will be able to optimize your restaurant’s exposure beyond the restaurant’s walls. When catering for birthday parties, weddings, festivals, and events, you are exposing your food and menu to people who have not been to the restaurant before. Everyone at the event will leave knowing about the restaurant and have a taste of the restaurant to remember. This is a level of exposure that is hard to come by in any other way. Catering is a great way to draw in new customers that will try your food once and may become regulars for a lifetime. 

Increase sales

Catering gives your customers the ability to use your services when they need more than regular dining options. Catering is an easy way to drive revenue fast and efficiently.  When an event planner needs an option to use for their clients catering make sure your restaurant is an option

Make up for the slow days 

In the restaurant business not all days are going to be consistent.  The inevitable lulls of each day plague all restaurant owners.  Offering catering is a great way to make up for these times of reduced profits. 

Catering menus are Essential

You can choose to create a menu separate from your regular menu or you can tailor catering to your customer’s individual needs. Make sure to provide pricing and package options on your website as well as any other place where people search for restaurants. Yelp, Google, and Yellow Pages are your friends. 

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