The Power of Food Photos


As a restaurant owner you know that the food your staff makes and serves is the heart of your business. Hours of work goes into creating each dish between buying the food, preparing the meal, cooking the item and presenting the dish properly for the customers. Your restaurant should be utilizing that time and effort to draw in new customers. Food photos are a powerful tool that restaurants can use on social media and in marketing materials to draw diners attentions. Here are a few tips on taking the perfect food photos:

1. Use Natural lighting
Artificial lighting, or flash from your camera can make food photos look unnatural and unappealing. Set your ‘stage’ next to a window, where natural light can illuminate the food and highlight the vibrant colors without distorting them.

2. Create Dimensions
Staging your food photo is important. Placing the food to highlight dimensions can make your photo more dynamic and interesting to the eye. Try grabbing a fork full of the dish and lifting it over the plate. Not only will this create depth but it will also give the viewer the perspective of a diner.

3. Use Different Angles
Using unexpected angles is a good way to make your food photos more interesting, which can lead the viewer to spend more time looking at the picture. Taking food photos from straight above the dish is currently a popular angle amongst food photographers.

4. Use a White Dish
Using a white dish, especially when using brightly colored ingredients, will make the food pop against the neutral colored plate. This will ensure that the focus in on the food and potential customers are not distracted by the flatware.

Once you have the perfect food photos you have to share them with potential customers. Be sure to add your photos to your website and all social media. Facebook and Instagram are both great social media platforms to use to share any visuals.  Learn how SinglePlatform can put your photos in front of new customers who are looking for restaurants like yours.

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