5 Ways for Restaurants to Boost Sales this Summer


Here in New York, we’re getting excited for the summer months ahead.  For restaurant owners, summer is the best time of the year to capitalize on longer days and increased consumer spending. Here are six tips for business owners to maximize their revenues from May through August:

1. Replace Heavy Items with Lighter Offerings

There is nothing like warming up with a nice big bowl of chili after shoveling the driveway or tearing up the ski slopes for the day. On the contrary, consumers want light and fresh flavors on their palettes in the warmer months. Incorporate seasonal fruits and veggies in to your dishes, and replace those hearty stews with crisp salads and tasty smoothies.

2. Use Outdoor Seating

If space allows, open up that back patio or move a couple tables outside for people to enjoy the breeze during warmer months.  Having outdoor seating can increase revenue up to 30%, and gives you a leg up on your competition who aren’t able to accommodate open air seating. Sunshine and fresh air are the perfect accompaniments to an amazing meal. Who wouldn’t want to stay for dessert?

3. Host Live Music

Music is a great way to get noticed by passers-by! Invite a local band to jazz up your brunch, or host a cover band during weeknights to grow that mid-week nightlife crowd.  You can try different styles of music each night of the week to see to cater to different demographics and diversify your clientele.

4. Be Family-Friendly

According to Main Street, American consumer spending is highest from May through August, even more so than the December holiday season! With schools being out of session for the summer, more and more families with be looking to eat out.  Offer lunch specials for families on weekdays or market yourself as a great hangout for local little league baseball teams to have their post-game pizza parties.

5. Extend your Business Hours

With summer comes extra daylight, and that means the nights begin and end at a later time.  According to Google, 25% of businesses extend their hours during the summer months but only 1% change the hours on their Google listings. Add a late night snack or an extended happy hour menu. SinglePlatform can help youmake your new hours and menus appear across all of your listings.

These five tips can help boost your sales without your business incurring any hefty expenses. Want to learn more tips and trends to help you run your business? Check out SinglePlatform on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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