3 Tips to Boost Restaurant Sales this Fall


Fall is around the corner and pumpkin spice-flavored foods are already making appearances on supermarket shelves. For those who love fall, the season can’t come fast enough so your restaurant needs to start strategizing for the seasonal shift. Labor day is just around the corner after all. Incorporate these tips this fall season and you’ll be able to turn the post-summer slump into increased sales.

1. Seasonal Specials

According to GrubHub, operations with seasonal menus see 26% more orders and a 23% increase in average check size over restaurants that don’t incorporate seasonal items to their menu. For restaurants that don’t have the time or finances to create an entirely new menu, try creating a few new fall specials like a hearty stew of a pumpkin pie. Make sure that your menus are up-to-date everywhere customers are searching for them.

2. After School Deals

We’re quickly approaching back to school season and that means students are looking for a place to grab a bite between class, work, and practice. Make sure that your restaurant is catering to their needs, whether that be a student discount with a valid ID or a special on students favorites like coffee or pizza during after school hours. If you cement your restaurant as the post-class place early in the year, you’ll have loyal customers for months to come.

3. Dining Decor

Restaurants are more than just food; they are an experience. Fall presents the perfect opportunity for your restaurant to heighten diners’ experiences with seasonal decorations. From colorful gourds to wreaths of foliage, adding some autumnal touches to your restaurant shows your customer that your restaurant cares about the details and can lead to great customer satisfaction.

Following these easy steps will help your restaurant win more diners this fall season and to keep them into the coming months. To learn more easy tips to boost restaurant sales, follow SinglePlatform on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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