Attract Non Locals to your Local Business


High season for travelers may be over as children head back to school but that doesn’t mean there aren’t new people coming to your town in need of your services. For business owners this is great time to attract new customers.  Subscribing to the belief that word of mouth will sustain a business’s success is a common misconception.  Focusing on word of mouth ignores the 85% of consumers who are using the internet to find local businesses.  Since 33% of local searches are done from non-locals, keep in mind these tips to help you capture customer’s attention.

Consistent Information is Key

Search engine optimization is significantly impacted by how consistent your information is across the web, not only on your website. If your business’s name, address or phone number is inconsistent across major review sites, search engines and mobile apps, your business is less likely to be discovered through a local search.  Local business owners need to take the time to claim their listings across these sites and take control of their online presence.

Get More Reviews

Everyone has their own reason why they travel.  Some people maybe be in your city for work while others might be there visiting family, friends, or local attractions. Others may just be passing through on their way to a nearby destination. Whatever their reason for being in town may be, without any loyalty to local businesses they are the perfect opportunity to attract a new customer. Now that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, reviews are a great tool for driving non-locals to your business. Asking customers to review your business on their way out, even providing them a place to do so, will increase your reviews and draw more customers to your door.

Be Friendly to Mobile Users

29% of consumers use their mobile devices to find local businesses.  Of those users 61% of mobile users are more likely to contact a local business with a mobile site.  Google even changed their algorithms last year and now ranks businesses with mobile websites higher in the search compared to businesses that don’t have a mobile friendly site.  Making sure that your mobile website is optimized for download speed and use on various sized devices will help consumers who are looking for information on their phones see your products and services. Travelers are often searching on the fly so you need to be mobile to attract them.

SinglePlatform helps you take control of all the aspects of your online presence that attract non-locals and drives new business to your door. Get discovered everywhere that matters online today.

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