Save Time and Money Publishing Your Restaurant Menu Online


Time is money.  We’ve heard every business and life coach and consultant tell us to stop doing tasks that take more time than they’re worth.  If your time is worth $20, $50 or $100 per hour, then why would you spend your time doing something that you could pay someone $5, $10 or $15 to do?  You wouldn’t! Or at least you shouldn’t. But, of course, we’re creatures of habit. We continue to handle repetitive tasks on our own instead of outsourcing them.

If you’re a restaurant owner, then your time is valuable.  Your responsibility is to create the best atmosphere, serve the best food (whether you are the chef or looking for the best available chef in your area), and train your staff to deliver an experience that captures your vision.  That experience starts with your host or hostess answering the phones or greeting customers at the door, and continues with how dishes are brought to and removed from your patron’s table, and even with how well your restrooms are maintained.  This is called working ON your business instead of working IN your business.  It is the best way to ensure your long-term success.  Of course, as the owner, you’re prepared to pitch in and roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty wherever necessary.

If you knew that 93% of consumers look at restaurant menus online before they choose where to eat,  would you do whatever it takes to make sure your menu is everywhere those hungry customers are searching? They’re online constantly, looking for places to eat on Google, OpenTable, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, and hundreds of other websites and mobile apps.  You want to be right there, visible on those sites and apps for searchers to easily discover you. But, how?

There are plenty of options for getting your restaurant menu published on all of these sites, with one being to do the work yourself. It’s doable for many sites, but some won’t even allow you to make updates without using a third party. Still, if you decide to control your online presence, you’ll be using valuable time making updates that could be done for you. And as we mentioned before, time is of the essence for busy restaurant owners.

Think about it.  How often do you make even a slight change to your restaurant menu? Do you ever change prices?  Do you offer nightly dinner specials or happy hour on certain days? What about new menus for seasonal or limited time offers? Just consider how much time you’ll spend away from your business if you have to handle all of these updates yourself.

You want to be in control of every bit of information published everywhere online about your business including your restaurant menu and hours of operation.  But, does that mean you have to do all of the work yourself? You’re probably thinking, “I hope not!”  If you have to remember credentials to your Google My Business account, a TripAdvisor page, OpenTable, Yelp and more than 50 other websites, you won’t have time to even think about what’s actually going to be ON the menu!

Luckily, we’re here to help. SinglePlatform does what no other provider will do — we make all of your updates for you!  All you need to do is send us your restaurant menu or whatever changes you need. You can send updates to us via email, text message, fax, FedEx, smoke signal, morse code, or phone call. Want to make it even easier? You don’t even have to type a message. Just take a photo of your restaurant menu and send it to us digitally however you’d like. Keeping your online presence current and accurate has never been less complicated.

Why do we offer this white-glove service? We want to give you back your time. Our goal is simple.  We want you to succeed.  Your success is our success.  And to do this, we maximize your online presence without you having to take hours out of your day. Use those hours to make more money, think up new menu items, or just relax! You deserve a break. You also deserve to have an online presence strong enough to attract new customers. Let SinglePlatform do the online menu management for you.

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