How Small Businesses Can Boost SEO


Every small business wants to be found online, but it’s not always that simple. 50% of small businesses said they would spend money on search engine optimization if they had a larger budget. SEO improves website visibility, so with a strong SEO strategy your website will appear higher in search results. By making a few specific changes to your website, you can organically drive traffic to your site without having to increase your marketing budget.

Google Trends

Use Google Trends as a go-to keyword search tool. It allows you to see how search queries change over time when people search for your keyword, and allows you to compare different words or phrases to see which is best. You can also take a look at the regional breakdown that shows you where the search terms are most popular to help you better tailor to your customer base. With this knowledge, you can use specific phrases on your website and blog to increase traffic.


Browseo is a web app that not only allows you to view any page without distractions caused by design, but it also highlights the parts of a web page that are relevant for SEO. In other words, it shows you how a search engine sees your site by stripping it down to the most basic level, without any fancy fonts, colors, headers, or images, and displays relevant SEO information. It’s super easy; all you need to do is enter in the website URL.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a free tool that crawls your website in search for SEO roadblocks such as broken links, missing metadata, oversized files, and duplicate pages. It then provides a report of the problem areas, and you can use the report to improve your site and SEO.

Rank Checker

Rank Checker allows you to find out where your website lands in search engine results. All you need to do is install a button onto your toolbar so you can easily access this information whenever you want and keep an eye on where you stand.

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