Using Social Media to Attract New Customers


As the digital world is becoming increasingly populated with consumers searching for the next best product or service to enhance their daily lives, it is crucial that your business is a step ahead, ready to provide these potential customers with your product when they need it, and where they’re searching for it.

How social media marketing can benefit your business

Let’s put the digital world into perspective: three billion people have Internet access worldwide. In the United States, 86.75% of the total population has Internet access.

Of the 86.75% of Americans with access to the web, 74% of them are using social media sites, and 45% of these users are checking their accounts multiple times a day, according to Pew Research Center.

What these statistics mean for your business

Taking into account these staggering statistics, it is clear to see that your business could be at a huge disadvantage if you are not promoting it across the various social media platforms that consumers are using everyday.

According to a recent article on Business2Community, 63% of consumers who search for products and services online are more likely to use businesses that have their information on social media sites than those who don’t. Simply providing information about the products and services you offer on different social media sites allows your business the ability to satisfy new customers, as well as to keep them coming back.


Not only does putting information about your business on social media sites entice new customers to try your product or service, it also tends to create loyal customers that can potentially serve as ambassadors for your product in the future. In a recent report by HubSpot, it was reported that 69% or more of the businesses that used social media to attract new customers also found the sites useful in establishing and maintaining a loyal customer base.

Social media that is best for your business

With so many different social media platforms at your disposal, it may be hard to distinguish which ones will be the most successful for your business.

With Facebook announcing that the site has 1.35 billion active users in 2014, and 91% of consumers in the U.S using Facebook to search for local businesses, this social media site is a quick and easy way to begin promoting your business online.

Not only does Facebook increase traffic to your business’ website and support greater awareness of your product, Twitter also plays a huge role in educating consumers about your brand.

In 2015, the average Twitter user followed five or more businesses, and 37% of those users will buy from one of the businesses they follow.

By interacting with potential customers on Twitter and regularly posting updated, relevant information about your brand, you’re not only enabling new customers to find your business, but also increasing the likelihood that these new customers will choose to purchase from you.

Social media: the unpaid employee


For starters, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are completely cost-free; all they require is your time. According to HubSpot, 95% of business owners who use social media at least 6 hours per week indicated their social media efforts increased exposure for their businesses. Dedicating a few hours a week to update information, post about deals or sales going on, and announce special events happening at your business on social media platforms can ultimately result in increased sales and a continuously growing customer base.

Jumping on the social media bandwagon sooner, rather than later, may also result in greater success for your business. The more you interact with consumers on social media sites, the more likely it is that your business will show up higher in the search results when a customer completes a search query for products or services similar to yours. This is especially important, as many analysts have predicted a 600% increase of information available on the Internet by the year 2020.

By actively engaging with social media sites now, your business will be protected from being lost in a sea of information, ultimately preventing you from losing new customers.

Success and growth potential with social media

As today’s world operates in a digital sphere, getting your business out there on all social media platforms is crucial to the overall success and growth of your business. To find out how SinglePlatform can help you manage your online presence across the web, contact us here.

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