8 Ways Restaurants Should Use Social Media


The importance of marketing your restaurant is exponentially increasing and, at this point, is a necessity for any restaurant. There are many avenues one can take regarding marketing, but we will focus on Social Media. 

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a tool that is crucial for any restaurant, but it is important to utilize it efficiently. Providing visuals of your food and restaurant to your customers gives them a first-hand experience of what their visit will be like.

1. Food Photos

Visualizing the food within the restaurant creates a categorically different experience opposed to just reading about the restaurant. I know when I’m looking for a restaurant one of the first things I check is how good the food looks.

2. Page Tabs

Implementing different sections within Facebook helps keep the customer engaged with your restaurant’s page. The first few tabs they see are critical. Integrating your menu onto your Facebook page gives the customer the best insight as to what they can expect at your restaurant.

3. Exclusive Offers and Group Deals

Offers and deals will help keep customers engaged and motivate them to ‘like’ your page. 58% of Facebook users expect offers and deals once they become fans.

4. Contests and Sweepstakes

While discounts are a great way for initial interest, contests are a great way to keep them coming back.  Sweepstakes and contest that require your audience to check back at a later date is one of the best ways to guarantee prolonged engagement.

Instagram Marketing

5. Hashtags

Using hashtags helps increase the restaurants visibility on Instagram by making your content searchable. Every hashtag you add to a picture is a new way for your audience to find your business.

6. Posting Menu Items

People are going on Instagram for one reason, to look at pictures! Pictures are a great way to catch a potential customer’s eye. 

Twitter Marketing

7. Link to Your Menu

Placing links inside your tweets is a wonderful opportunity to direct your audience to your website. What’s the best part of your website for your potential customers to see? Your menu! 79% of people are incentivized by a positive comment regarding the food or menu.

8. Timing Your Tweets

Pushing out a message for a specific time can help bring in new business (ie, timing a tweet to go out when it is most relevant) At noon send out: “Come check out our new #lunch specials.”

Social media is only becoming more important in the ways that consumers are choosing where to eat. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a necessity for restaurant owners looking to attract new customers. Follow SinglePlatform on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to learn more ways to get discovered everywhere that matters across the web.

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