3 Reasons You Should Have a Facebook for Your Business


In today’s incredibly dynamic and ever-changing world of business, it is paramount that business owners keep their businesses in the limelight. Throughout time, business owners have explored countless options from the conventional to the nontraditional. With the impact that the internet has had on our lives, your online presence is naturally an integral part of your business’s success! Facebook, which boasts a network of over 1.5 billion active users, is a strong resource for getting the word out about your business. Here are a few tips to help you use Facebook to best work for your business.

1. Create a Business Page

Creating a business page on Facebook will not only serve as a resource to your customers, but you will also be able to communicate and connect with them directly. You can use this platform to promote contests and giveaways or to highlight new menu items. Announce special events or holidays hours. Facebook is a great way to keep your client base engaged.

2. Tailor Your Posts

Your customers want to consume information that they believe is relevant to them. It is very important to cut through all of the clutter on Facebook by specializing your posts. Make sure you are posting when most people are online. Studies show that the best times to post are between 1PM and 4PM!

3. Listen to the Number

Facebook provides a suite of analytics for business owners to use. With these numbers, you can see what types of content work best. Once you have an understanding of what your customers respond to, highlight the most relevant parts of your business effectively and efficiently.

Facebook is a powerful tool that is here to stay. Make sure that you utilizing it to the best of your ability. Here is an infographic that helps to outline some of the best practices as far as Facebook is concerned.

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