Super Bowl Sunday Restaurant Tips

Taylor Kelly

Arguably America’s favorite unofficial holiday, Super Bowl Sunday is in just two short weeks. Millions of people will be tuning in, either at home or at a bar, to cheer on their favorite teams or just enjoy the commercials. Last year, 103 million viewers were watching the event, which pales in comparison to the amount of food consumed on the day. Statistics show that over 1 billion wings are consumed, 4 million pizzas eaten, and 50 million cases of beer cracked open on game day.

If you’re a pub, grill, sports bar, pizza parlor, or sandwich shop, you should be prepared for an influx of in-house diner and delivery orders on February 3rd. We’re giving you tips on how you can prepare for a profitable Super Bowl Sunday at your business.

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Offer Specials

Let’s face it, people are always looking for a good deal. Especially when it comes to special events, consumers tend to do research ahead of time to find the perfect spot to celebrate. You need a differentiating factor that will help you stand out from other local pubs and restaurants. A great way to appeal to guests is to offer hard-to-beat Super Bowl Specials.

Two for One or Buy-One-Get-One Free

Buy-one-get-one concepts work well because people feel like they’re getting more bang for their buck. Plus, Super Bowl fans will most likely be coming with fellow sports fanatics to watch the game. Offer the two for one discount on different items, like draft beer, baskets of fries, or slices of pizza. If friends open up one tab, they can take advantage of the deal together and feel like they’re getting a great discount.

Discounted Pitchers

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Large parties will benefit from pitchers of beers, soft drinks, and other beverages. It’s a cost-effective way to quench the thirst of the crowd. With the Super Bowl game lasting a few hours, people will be looking for refills throughout the night. Instead of ordering one drink at a time, pitchers help keep the party going; pitchers also reduce frequency of your waitstaff having to run to tables for refills.

Beat the Clock Deals

Why not add more fun and games to an already entertaining event? With Beat the Clock, you can increase prices on participating items with each hour. This will inspire guests to get there early and start placing orders. Whether you choose to increase draft beer prices by fifty cents every hour, or increase the price of a bucket of wings by one dollar every sixty minutes, this event will raise the stakes and create some urgency.

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Game-Determined Discounts

Although the commercials and halftime show add to the revelry, the main event is the football game itself. Get involved by offering discounts based on the current status of each quarter. If one team is in the lead, offer 50% off a certain beer of your choice. Choose another brand of beer to discount for the opposing team’s victory. You can even include food items in the deal. Let’s say the Kansas City Chiefs make it to the Super Bowl – offer a discount on BBQ wings if they’re winning after the first quarter.

If you’re in a city of a Super Bowl team, create a special game day menu with the most well-known items from your region. Even if you’re not, you can create a menu that has signature food items from both cities.

Hand Out Prizes and Offer Games


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Super Bowl Sunday is all about fun and games, so create your own. Put together gift baskets or hand out gift cards to the person with the most festive fan gear. Make things interesting by awarding one lucky winner a mystery prize at the end of every quarter. If you want to make the crowd more rowdy, partner with a beverage company and hand out some swag. Throwing free t-shirts and towels into the crowd will increase the energy during breaks and commercials.


two people playing mini foosball at restaurant

Let’s face it, not everyone is interested in the Super Bowl. Still, that doesn’t mean they can’t come to your restaurant or bar for a fun time. Designate an area for games, like giant Jenga, cards, and indoor cornhole (if space permits). Friends can gather around for some friendly competition and keep the party going.


To get the best turnout, market all of your Super Bowl Sunday restaurant offerings ahead of the game. Make a splash on your social media pages, update your website to include any prizes, special events, or discounts, and send out an email to your mailing list about the event. The more eyes you can get on your event before it happens the better.

In your email communications, give customers a chance to receive a free drink or appetizer. Just let them know that if they show their server the email, they can receive a beer or select appetizer of their choice. This can also help you gauge readership of your restaurant’s emails.

Gear Up for Delivery

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Some people would much prefer to watch the game on their TV at home than in a crowded bar or restaurant. But, that doesn’t mean they won’t be hungry! Online orders have grown 300% faster than in-house dining traffic in recent years and aren’t projected to slow down. Do you have a solid strategy for fulfilling online orders, along with traditional take-out calls, and a full dining room? Dedicated delivery apps, like Seamless and Caviar, can help you with operations and transactions. To learn more about them, check out our blog on online ordering tech.

Delicious Food to Their Doors

As Super Bowl Sunday nears, don’t forget to consider the customers that will be ordering takeout meals. Consider creating Super Bowl specials like large meal deals and party packs. As mentioned above, people host parties and invite family and friends over to enjoy the game; they’ll be looking for value on food and drinks in order to feed large crowds.

Popular packs include wings, pizzas, and appetizers for one competitive price. Throw in a few liter bottles of soda to sweeten the deal and give customers more for their money. If you have an offer they can’t refuse, people will keep you in mind for future Super Bowl festivities.

Inspire Feedback

If you’re delivering food to homes, consider adding some restaurant collateral with the receipts. You can hand out information cards that have your social media handles, website, phone number, and address. Use this to also ask customers to leave reviews online in order to build up your online reputation. Consider throwing in some coupons, like 10% off their next meal, to inspire repeat business.

Some people also love good old fashioned paper menus, so include one on every delivery. Next time, they may just call you on the phone to place an order so you don’t have to worry about fees charged by a middle man.

In Closing

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In order to score a touchdown at your bar or restaurant this Super Bowl Sunday, you need to prepare ahead of time. Think about your discounts and offers for the day, decide if you want to host a special event or hand out prizes, and keep delivery orders in mind. Along the way, remember to post on social media and other marketing channels to get the word out as much as possible before February 3rd.

What are your business’ plans for Super Bowl?

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