Building a Mobile Website? Avoid These 5 Mistakes


Creating and maintaining a mobile website is an essential part of marketing your business in today’s mobile-centric world. But not all mobile sites are created equal.
Here are 5 mistakes to avoid when building your business’s mobile website:

1. An Unprofessional or Dated Design

You may be tempted to cut costs by using a less experienced designer or not refreshing your design on a regular basis. But nothing will turn viewers away faster than a page that looks bad. Invest in a good designer and make sure to periodically refresh your styling to stay current.

2. Slow Page Loads

Mobile users have a very low tolerance for slow performance. Make sure that your site doesn’t contain any unnecessary content or features that will negatively impact load time.

2. Complex Navigation

On a smaller phone or tablet screen, simplicity is essential for a good user experience. Make sure your navigation is organized, streamlined, and easy to use so that viewers can get where they want to go.

3. Too Much Content

Likewise, cramming too much content on a page requires tedious scrolling and careful reading—the last thing a mobile user wants. Keep your pages readable by providing just the basics. If you’re working with a responsive site, consider breaking up larger chunks of content into separate pages to improve your readers’ mobile experience.

4. A Confusing Conversion Pathway

If you’re an online retailer, your ultimate goal is for site visitors make a purchase. But if your mobile e-commerce pathway is confusing, difficult to navigate, or involves too many steps, people may abandon your site. Keep the checkout process as simple as possible to capitalize on mobile customers’ tendency to make a quick purchase decision.

The Bottom Line

Invest in a well-built, visually appealing site and keep things simple, and your business will be ready for mobile primetime.

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