Accelerated Mobile Pages: A Small Business Necessity


Living in a rapidly evolving digital world, ensuring your small business has optimized your website for mobile is absolutely imperative. As the demand for mobile optimization has increased, the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project has succeeded in making mobile search even faster.

To help you understand the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project and their overall mission, we’ve outlined the who, what, and why:


Major tech companies like Google and Twitter have teamed up with major publishers like CNN and Buzzfeed to start an open source initiative to encourage and promote the use of Accelerated Mobile Pages. Their common goal is to increase the speed of mobile internet browsing like never before.


The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project is designed to enhance users’ mobile search experience by eliminating extended and unnecessary site load times. By designing and using AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) HTML, the project aims to help anyone, including your small business, create a mobile page that is integrated with AMP in an effort to give mobile search users the information they need instantly.


In May of 2015, Google released a report indicating mobile search had officially surpassed search completed on desktop. Not only are consumers relying on their mobile devices to search for the information they need but they want their information fast. According to research, almost 50% of people expect sites to load within two seconds or less, and almost 40% of users will abandon that site if it takes three seconds or longer. The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project aims to eliminate site abandonment; websites created with AMP technology load an average of four times faster and use ten times less data than the equivalent non-AMP page. Websites built with AMP also show up first in the search results when relevant to the user’s query. Therefore, AMP puts your business at an advantage, allowing you to not only expand your customer pool, but increase your sales as well.

Building your small business’ website with AMP technology can decrease abandonment of your website while simultaneously increasing consumers’ engagement. Optimizing your mobile website with AMP technology appeals to both your small business’s sales, and your customers’ convenience. Overall, AMP technology provides your business the chance of attracting more customers, even faster.

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