Google’s New Tool for Small Business Websites


Living in the heart of the digital age, ensuring your small business has an active and up to date online presence is necessary for keeping up in a competitive market. Realizing this, Google has rolled out a new tool to help small business owners check how compatible their websites are with mobile and desktop, as well as how fast they load on each.

Generating scores for your website based on mobile-friendliness, mobile speed, and desktop speed, Google creates a report that ranks your website in each category and then allows you to see which aspects of your site need to be fixed in order to improve your score. 

This tool improves upon the previous one available from Google. The previous tool was only able to tell you if your site was or wasn’t mobile-friendly, without telling you how exactly to make your site better. With the detailed report, Google pinpoints your problem areas, allowing you to see exactly which areas are slowing your site down or making it less mobile-friendly. 

Considering that the number of searches completed on mobile has surpassed the number of searches completed on desktop, using Google’s new tool to ensure your small business is up to speed will ultimately increase your overall discoverability on the web.

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