How your Salon or Spa can take advantage of Small Business Saturday


As Black Friday nears, so does Small Business Saturday: a day specifically intended to encourage consumers to shop and buy local.
Falling on November 28th this year, how will your salon or spa take advantage of this nationally recognized event to entice new and existing customers to buy with your business?

To give you an idea of how to maximize your profit, here are a few tips to ensure your business has a successful Small Business Saturday:

1. Be prepared

The best way to equip your salon or spa for success is by looking at your competitors: what promotions or deals are they offering customers? By creating specials that are competitive with theirs, you put your salon or spa at an advantage for attracting the most customers on the day of the event.

2. Integrate with the Internet

Is your salon or spa easy to find on the web? Being where customers are searching is an integral tool for success; 93% of people research a business online before visiting it in store. By having accurate and up-to-date information about your business on the web, complete with the deals and specials you’ll offer on Small Business Saturday, you give customers the information they’re looking for, when they’re looking for it.


3. Minimize holiday season stress

Considering planning and shopping for the holiday season can be stressful for some, create the ultimate relaxation experience by offering discounted rates on spa packages or salon services on the day of the event. Apart from offering discounted rates the day of, offer a discounted service to anyone who books a future appointment with your business on Small Business Saturday.

4. Involve your employees

Encourage employees to get excited about the event by involving them with preparations for the big day. By allowing them to create playlists for the sale or come up with a new spa package or salon service to be offered on the day of the event, you make them feel their role is important in the success of the business during the sale.

5. Extend your business hours

Accommodate the busy schedules of holiday shoppers by extending the operating hours of your salon or spa on Small Business Saturday. By opening early or closing later, you appeal to every customer’s schedule, allowing him or her to get the pampering they need.

6. Announce, announce, announce!

Now that you’ve prepared your business for Small Business Saturday by creating deals and specials that are event-specific, tell customers about it! By sending out emails or hanging decorative posters that detail what your business will be offering, you alert consumers ahead of time so they can plan to visit your business on the actual day of the event.

7. Review results and thank you notes!

After this year’s Small Business Saturday, review what was successful and what wasn’t. In what areas could your salon or spa have done better? By looking at the tests and triumphs of the event, you have the opportunity to improve for next year. Not only is it important to reflect on the day, go the extra mile and thank your customers; sending out a personalized note creates a positive customer experience from start to finish.

For more ideas on how to have a successful Small Business Saturday for your salon or spa, download our free eGuide here.

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