How to grow your salon’s client base in 2016


As the salon industry has evolved, new opportunities to build a client base have surfaced. Word of mouth has transformed into online & social media. Here are just a few of the avenues salon owners can take to drive new traffic into the business.

Keeping repeat business is necessary to grow

Salon-goers aren’t necessarily easy to please, but once they’re happy, they’re loyal. Do a check on these basics to make sure you’re as pleasing to your clients as they are to you:

  • A huge factor desired by clients is valuable services. Going above and beyond for clients, doing a little bit extra can make all the difference.
  • People want to have options; broadening selections for them once they’re in the salon can result in repeat customers. No person wants to be limited in their options on what they can do for themselves within a salon.
  •  Reasonable prices also have an impact for customers.

Other factors customers are looking for consist of a clean shop and strong relationships. People want to feel clean and feel taken care of because it makes them feel comfortable. I know when I’m in a salon for a haircut, if I don’t feel comfortable, I’m not coming back.

Capture online search with trending services to attract new customers

Gaining new customers is always on ongoing challenge, but taking advantage of the tools that are in front of you is key. A significant tool to take advantage of is the internet.

More than 85 percent of Americans search for businesses using the Internet. Online presence is critical, not only to be present when people are searching, but to be accessible when people are searching for specific things. Whether someone is googling “haircut and color” or “Brazilian wax”, it is key to be found.

Having your services listed on the biggest websites (Google, Yelp, Yahoo, etc.) is a way to differentiate yourself, but also increase your discoverability. According to a Pew Internet study, 81% of individuals use Internet key word searches to find services and products. Promoting offers through social media platforms can be effective as well (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

Checking your in-salon and online presence can help keep your loyal clients happy and get new customers in your doors. With new services and new websites constantly popping up, a regular check on how you’re doing on both can keep you growing healthily.

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