4 Trends for Spas and Salons in 2016


Going into 2016, consumers want—and expect—convenience and options. Consumers will be drawn to the spas and salons that can give them what they want. Make sure that your spa or salon is keeping up with these new trends if you want to keep—and grow—your customer list.

1. Mobile Services

According to Groupon, not only is the industry shifting toward mobile websites but also mobile beauty professionals.  Professionals from hairstylists, estheticians, and nail techs are expanding beyond brick and mortar storefronts and offering to meet their clients wherever it is most convenient for them. As a salon or spa owner, you may want to invest in some portable equipment to meet the demands of busy and convenience-craving clients. 

2. Online Product Ordering

As more beauty professionals are opting to bring their services to their customers, retail sales have had to adapt. Hair stylists can’t schlep their entire inventory of products with them wherever they meet their clients. Companies like Loxa Beauty allow stylists to receive commission on products that their clients buy online, allowing traveling beauty professionals to capitalize on the boost that retail sales give their business.

3. App Booking

In keeping with the convenience-loving client, app booking is rapidly growing. It is not enough to have online booking options; your customers want to be able to schedule their appointments quickly and easily on their smartphones. MyTime is a great company that partners with small businesses, allowing consumers to connect with small business services through their beautifully designed and easy-to-use app. 

4. Men

The beauty industry is no longer an all-girls club. While men’s scents and personal care only make up 11% of the overall beauty industry, due to changing attitudes about gender roles, the growth in the male beauty industry outpaces the growth for services catered to women. Men are the final frontier in the beauty world and 2016 is the perfect time for the ambitious salon or spa owner to voyage westward. 

When mapping out your business strategy for the rest of 2016, ask yourself how you will be addressing and taking advantage of these trends. The consumer base of five years ago has evolved with the changes in technology. Check out how SinglePlatform can help you keep up with the digital landscape of the beauty industry.  

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