SPstories: Skin Spa New York


To celebrate Small Biz Week, SinglePlatform wanted to highlight one of our customers who found success through trying years. Skin Spa New York was established in New York City in 2005 with only four treatment rooms and less than 10 employees. Over the course of eleven years, through the recession and the boom of online deal sites, Skin Spa New York has been able to expand to an eight-location business with 150 employees. A feat that was accomplished with an emphasis on online presence and a business model willing to adapt to the new digital environment of the industry. 

Senior Manager Katie Werbowski joined the team in 2007. Over the years, her role expanded into management and marketing alongside the founder of Skin Spa, Tom Elzner, and she currently runs the daily operations for Skin Spa. Katie spoke with us about how Skin Spa New York has been able to thrive, “Skin Spa’s pricing was created in a way that is affordable for everyone.  During the 2008 recession, everyone was looking for more cost effective treatments, so we were able to introduce Skin Spa to people across the spectrum.” Skin Spa New York is dedicated to being a part of their customers’ lifestyles and their pricing reflects that. They want their clients to leave feeling refreshed and relaxed, not worried about if their treatments can fit into their budget. 

Katie recalls how Groupon was also a by-product of the recession and that Skin Spa New York recognized that they would have to adapt. “Groupon made pricing in the market really transparent. Instead of having to call around, you could see prices published everywhere. It really changed the market.” Skin Spa New York has embraced the digital landscape and it has paid off for them. Groupon lead to increased volume of appointments allowing them to continue to grow even during financially insecure times

Through the expansion, the team realized that one of the more time consuming aspects of their internet strategy became finding and maintaining the details of each spa listing in order to keep their business information current and user-friendly. They knew how important a strong online presence is for a small business, “Everything is online now. If your online presence is weak, it reflects poorly on the business before people are even getting in the door, which means they’re not coming in the door.” When Skin Spa heard about SinglePlatform, they immediately saw the value in the service and knew that we could help fill in the cracks of their online marketing. To learn more about how SinglePlatform helped Skin Spa New York stand out everywhere it matters online, check out our full customer success story.

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