Online Booking for Your Salon or Spa


Providing your clients with various ways to book appointments such as online as well as over the phone, will help you to fill up your salon or spa’s calendar. Salon and spa owners need to be on top of new business trends to gain a competitive edge. According to Aveda Means Business, “70% of visitors to salon and spa websites are unique visitors who have never been to that site before. Most likely, these are potential new clients.” Check out these three companies that can help you book appointments online and increase revenue to your salon or spa.

1.    Booker

Booker is a cloud based program that allows small businesses to book and sell their services online. The site is accessible 24/7 for clients around the world with a primary focus on spas, salons, tattoo parlors, and field services. With Booker you provide potential customers with the ability to book or buy a service via a third party site like Facebook, which creates more exposure for your business. Booker’s basic package starts at $85 a month with two other pricier packages available. 

2.    MyTime

Customers appreciate convenience. MyTime not only allows you to book appointments online, it also offers the customer the ability to see all available time slots, so that they can best pick the times that works for them. Having a visual calendar paints a better picture for your customers than calling a receptionist for availabilities.MyTime helps customers that are in need of a last minute appointment find business that can accompany them, helping your spa or salon to never have a lull. My Time offers three different packages for spa or salon owners with their beginner plan starting at $49.99 a month.

3.    Whittl

Whittl allows customers to search for a specific service. Similar to both Booker and My Time, your customers can book directly through Whittl’s website. Whittl is integrated with Yelp so potential customers can see reviews of your salon or spa before booking. Whittle’s starter plan starts at $49 a month with a $1 booking fee. Other detailed plans are available to purchase as your business grows. 

Providing customers with more ways to book appointments will ultimately lead to more business. Give your salon and spa that competitive advantage by staying up to date on new technology and trends in your industry. To learn more about how SinglePlatform can help your business get discovered everywhere that matters online, click here. 


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