Build Your Salon & Spa Email List


In 2016, salons and spas owners know how important email marketing to help brand their business to new and old customers. The industry has moved away from word-of-mouth as the main source of finding more information about salons and spas. Digital marketing is taking over and email marketing is a key component of that strategy. Email marketing can promote specials, new packages, and company news. To make your email strategy effective you need to build a strong list to send to. Here’s how:

Promote In-Store Signups

The best time to get customers to sign up for your email list is during a visit. Some methods include asking when they check in or check out, leaving a bowl out for people to drop business cards, and keeping a sign-up sheet at your register. Offer an incentive for customers to sign up such as the chance to win a free service of a gift card.

Use Your Website

Your website is a great marketing tool for your business and you can also use it to expand your email marketing efforts. Place a prominent form on your site for customers to sign up for your newsletter subscription. If you want to provide an incentive for clients, offer them a 10% off their first treatment for signing up. This strategy should lead to an uptick in email opt-ins for your business.

Push Signups on Social

Your social media platforms are also a great place to drive email subscriptions. Currently there are approximately 1.23 billion users on Facebook, 645 million on Twitter, and 400 million on Instagram. Using Facebook boosts, placing links in your Instagram bio, and using strategic hashtags in your tweets will help you expand your reach to prospective customers. If you link to the sign up page on your website, you have the opportunity to drive a lot of traffic there.

With these tips, you should be able to expand your reach to more customers and better communicate your offerings. Follow SinglePlatform on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram today for more marketing tips and industry news.

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