3 Traits to Look for in Your Salon or Spa Receptionist


A receptionist for a salon and spa juggles a lot of responsibilities. They keep their stylists in check with their appointments, maintain organization throughout the salon, and promote your brand. According to the Director of Salon Evolution, some of the key qualities a receptionist needs to display for the store include being enthusiastic, organized, and motivated to go above and beyond. Check out how these qualities in your receptionist will help your business in the long run.

1. People Skills

As the first contact your clients have with your business, whether that’s face to face or over the phone, your receptionist needs to make a great first impression. Greeting every customer with a friendly welcome sets the tone for their visit and their overall impression of your spa or salon. You want your customers to be happy and comfortable in your salon so the ability for your receptionist to put them at ease the moment your customers walk in the door is vital. 

2. Organization

The devil is in the details and this old saying remains true for receptionist. Maintaining appointment schedules, manning the reception desk, updating the filing system, your receptionist is in charge of many processes that require attention to detail for your business to run smoothly. Make sure that you develop structured processes for help your receptionist keep track of these assignments. Checklists are helpful tools to make sure that everything is getting done in a timely manner. 

3. Going The Extra Mile

According to American Salon, your salon or spa needs a receptionist who is willing to go the extra mile. Like any business, your salon or spa will face unexpected challenges that require your staff to rise to the challenge. You should be hiring staff that is willing to go above and beyond to make your salon or spa the best it can be. As an employer going the extra mile for your employees by celebrating their birthdays or having appreciation days, can motivate your employees to go the extra mile for your business. 

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