Holiday, Celebrate! SinglePlatform’s Newest Feature: Upcoming Holidays Tool Designed to Maximize Marketing Potential


Holidays are times for celebration, so including them as part of your restaurant’s marketing strategy is wise. In our Customer Lifecycle Value blog, we discussed how to move potential diners through the marketing funnel, from gaining awareness of your business to becoming regular customers. As a restaurant owner, you’re probably always looking for new ideas on how to market your business. Holidays are a great way to get your name out on social media and are viable reasons to run promotions and offer discounts. But, you may not realize just how many holidays there are! Of course, federal holidays are widely recognized across the country, but there are plenty of other celebratory days to capitalize on. With our newest feature within the SinglePlatform portal, you can quickly recognize these opportunities and act on them with a few clicks. Upcoming Holidays announcements are here!

In order to help you improve your marketing tactics, we dug deep to find the nationally recognized holidays that would be most relevant to your restaurant. For example, did you know that July 21st is National Junk food Day, or that July 30th is National Cheesecake Day? It’s true! You can have your junk food and eat it too (on July 21st, at least). These celebratory days stir up excitement on social media and inspire people to take part in the revelry.

As a restaurant, this is the perfect opportunity to get into the conversation and inspire more customers to dine with you by enticing them with limited-time offers. And we just made it easy to do so within our portal with the Upcoming Holidays feature.

Upon landing on your SinglePlatform Dashboard within the portal, you’ll now see the newest addition on the right side of the screen, “Upcoming Holidays.”

At a glance, you’ll be able to quickly decipher which holidays are coming up next on the calendar. But, it goes further than that. Hover over a holiday and you’ll see a button “Schedule Announcement.”

When you click the button, a screen will pop up and prompt you to schedule your post.

A pre-populated message is available for you to utilize, just fill in the blanks! If you want to offer 10% off all onion rings on June 22nd, you can do so by filling out the “Discount Amount” field with 10% and “Discount Item” field with Onion Rings. Voilà! You’re ready to go. You can schedule your announcement immediately and choose when you want it to be posted and removed. The message will be automatically pushed out to your integrated social media platforms and Google Posts (now available in SinglePlatform with a verified Google My Business account).

If you’d rather take the customized route, just switch from Suggested Announcement to Custom Announcement mode. You’ll be able to type your unique message into the text box and follow the same steps for scheduling and removal. And of course, when creating your customized message, you aren’t required to offer a discount. You can let customers know about extended hours, a special event, or any other fun update you have going on because of the holiday!

Here are some of our suggestions when using the Custom Announcement feature:

  1. Make sure your customers know when your discount or event is happening (include the word “today” or use the date)
  2. Let them know what the celebration is for (mention that it’s National Cheesecake Day in your post)
  3. If your SinglePlatform portal is linked to your business’ Twitter page, use hashtags (#NationalJunkFoodDay is sure to have some hype on social media)
  4. Make it fun while including the facts! You want your posts to attract your customers’ eyes so they’ll pay you a visit.

Benefits to this new feature? Of course, as we mentioned before, even more marketing opportunities! You may feel like it’s hard to keep your marketing ideas fresh, but this is another tool you can use to maximize your online exposure and draw more people through your door (which in turn = more revenue!)

Plus, it helps you stay informed about what’s being celebrated so you can not only advertise but educate your customers (who wouldn’t want to learn that it’s National Grilled Cheese day?)

Not to mention, the tool is so easy to use that you can schedule messages in a matter of minutes and get back to your other responsibilities. You can even schedule all of your posts for holidays happening in the upcoming month to cover all of your bases at once.

Having a social presence is important and it’s worth the extra effort! Creating a conversation around current events helps to keep the relationship alive between your restaurant and your customers. Offer content that will not only make them double-tap but inspire them to make the trip to your restaurant (I know I’d definitely travel for discounted tacos!)

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