4 Tips for Your Fitness Center This July

July is a month known for fun in the sun and outdoor activities and fitness centers across the nation need to focus on getting people away from the park and back into the gym. With summer in full swing, check out these four keys ways to boost attendance rates and satisfy customers. 

1.  Focus on Training

An estimated 15 million people participated in outdoor recreational leagues in 2015, a number that increased from 2014. As the popularity of outdoor sports increase, entice summer athletes to work out with your gym by offering them memberships at a discounted rate during the summer months. 

2.  Combat Rising Temperatures

Don’t let your customers sweat through the sweltering heat. Advertise your air-conditioned facilities or pool and entice them with complimentary refreshments before, during, and after their exercises. Whether it’s free bottled water or smoothies offered at half price, use the weather to your advantage to attract and expand your customer base.

3.  Pair Up for the Total Package

Partner up with local daycares and day camps during the month of July and offer child-friendly activities to encourage kids to get active this summer. By partnering up and promoting the welfare of children at these organizations, you provide your gym the opportunity to simultaneously attract their parents to become members with your gym as well.

4. Special Events

Show appreciation for both your members and the season by hosting special events and themed parties that celebrate the summer months. By offering complimentary in-season fruits and vegetables or bringing in certified nutritionists to speak with members about new summer recipes, you give your members free resources to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Incorporating these tips into your gym or fitness center will help cultivate both your client base and your business’s growth. Check out SinglePlatform on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more small business tips and trends.