How One Restaurant Makes Sure Every Online Menu Stays the Same

If you’re marketing a restaurant online these days, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Aside from the website, you have to think about creating a Facebook Pagea Twitter account, and about a dozen menus and information for just as many review sites.
It doesn’t take long for everything to get scattered. The menu on your website may be current, but the one on Yelp could be completely out-of-date. If you have multiple locations, the hours for one could be right, but the hours for another could be totally wrong.

That’s what Judi Window found when she started marketing for Shorty’s Mexican Roadhouse, locally owned, New Hampshire-based restaurant franchise with three locations across the state.

“We would have one website where our menu was from 2007, then another with a PDF that you couldn’t even open,” she says. “I knew I had to find a way to present everything in one big circle and that’s when I found SinglePlatform.”

Out of the frying pan and into the organizer

Judi was already an avid user of Email Marketing from Constant Contact, so when she heard about SinglePlatform, she was intrigued.

“We had old menus shuffled around everywhere on different sites, so I had to do a lot of organizational clean-up,” she recalls. The old menus made for a confusing experience across the board, whether you were a diner or the owner of the restaurant.

Judi wanted to find a way to make one menu that could be promoted across dozens of different sites at once and continually changed, too, so she could update it with specials and promotions.

She moved everything onto SinglePlatform in late December.

“I love SinglePlatform. I just go to one place to update the menu and it gets published on TripAdvisor, Google Places, our website, our Facebook Page and more, all at once,” she says.

Now, with just a single click, Judi can make sure that all three restaurants show the same menus, promotions, and specials, on every site where diners can find a menu.

The long future of Shorty’s

Without having to worry about whether or not there’s an errant menu from five years ago on a review site, Judi is free to focus on her other efforts to promote Shorty’s Mexican Roadhouse.

She says that her big initiative now is to redesign the website and make it more user-friendly. She’s also experimenting with what works when it comes to using email marketing to connect with Shorty’s 9,500 contacts.

“SinglePlatform has saved me so much time,” she says. “I’ve started encouraging a lot of other organizations to use it, too, because it just makes everything so much more streamlined.”

Judi has big plans for the future. Now that everything is organized she can think about how to strategically publish specials, promotions, and offers, because no matter where diners are looking online, they’ll find the same menu.

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