The Facebook Security Breach

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It was announced on Friday, September 28th that Facebook experienced privacy issues that affected over 50 million accounts.

If your account was compromised, you would have already been logged out automatically by Facebook and asked to log in again.

Even if you weren’t affected, it’s wise to take precautionary steps to keep your account secure.

Follow the steps below to reset your Facebook account and reauthenticate it in your SinglePlatform account.

Facebook Security: Reset Your Password


  1. Click Settings

Although passwords weren’t used in the hack, a reset is still a necessary precautionary step. To reset, go to the arrow drop-down again and click Settings.


2. Click Security & Login

You will be given the option to change your password and save changes.

3. Update your Password

Enter your current password and your new password and click Save Changes.

You have now successfully changed your password.

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(**Make sure you log out of Facebook on all devices and enter your new password into all devices)

Authenticate Your Facebook Profile on SinglePlatform

Once you’ve successfully changed your Facebook password, if your Facebook is linked to your SinglePlatform portal, you’ll have to reauthenticate your connection.

Login to your portal account and head to Location Settings and click “Link Your Social Media”

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You’ll be prompted to “agree” to let SinglePlatform have access to your personal account. Select the business page you will be posting to, then click Okay and again to let Single Platform post on your behalf.

  1. When you arrive at the Facebook Account Link page, you’ll see the menu that was brought in from the Portal.

  2. Click Add To Page for the page you want your announcements to appear on.

  3. Go back to the SinglePlatform Link Your Social Media page and refresh. You’ll now see an Unlink button.

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