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93% of all local business experiences start with an online search through dozens of search, map, review or navigation websites and apps.

But if you’re not visible where they’re searching, you’re not getting found.

SinglePlatform is the easiest way to get your business on more sites to get found. But it gets even better!

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Reach More Customers, Spending Less Time, Money And Energy

As a business owner, creating and maintaining an online presence seems like a large feat. But, it doesn’t have to be.

Let SinglePlatform do the work for you, getting your accurate business information across a network of 100s of search engines, travel, review, and navigation sites.

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Accurate Information = Happy Customers

80% of consumers get frustrated and lose trust in a business when the online information is incorrect.

Maintaining your info across 1 site, let along 20, is exhausting.

We save businesses, on average, 430 hours per year, no only managing their information, but keeping it accurate!

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A few words from the business owners who make SinglePlatform a great company to be a part of.

I would like to thank you and your associates for the work you do on our behalf. You save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on business information updates. Plus you’re always on the right track with accurate information in more places. I can’t stress enough the value you add our restaurant’s marketing.

Raymond, Owner, Yan Flower

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